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Read patient reviews for Dr. Trichak and James S. Trichak Dentistry.

We think you can tell a lot about dentists in the Phoenix area from their patient reviews. Dr. James S. Trichak and the staff at James S. Trichak Dentistry are proud that our commitment to excellence in general dentistry and cosmetic dentistry has earned so many positive reviews. See for yourself what actual patients say about their experience with Dr. Trichak.







Recent reviews for Trichak James S, DDS
Based on 18 reviews
Zandra P.
Zandra P. via Yelp Dec 26 2019 Amazing Dentist! I am so happy to have found such a great professional. Dr. Trichak not only knows his stuff he educates his patients very well and is very... Read more
Justin E.
Justin E. via Yelp Jul 31 2019 I haven't been to the dentist in a very long time...and by a long time I mean 20+ years! I finally sucked it up and made an appointment hoping for the best... Read more
Buddyboy B.
Buddyboy B. via Yelp Nov 08 2016 Staff wonderful and dr T very thorough and seemed accommodating to my situation. Thank you Supercalafragalisticespealidoshus Read more